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The VIP Program

Black Chip Poker’s VIP Program

VIP ProgramMay, 2024 -Black Chip Poker has an excellent and rewarding VIP Program called “Elite Benefits”. Why “excellent and rewarding”? I shall tell you.

Unlike most other online poker sites, Black Chip Poker uses the dealt rake method of distributing the points used to calculate a player´s status in the VIP program and the rewards they can receive. If you don´t know much about “dealt rake”, I have included an explanation below, but let me tell you – for a reasonably tight player like me – Black Chip Poker´s “Elite Benefits” program is without a doubt the best VIP program of any online poker site.

Sadly, tournament and Sit & Go players will not benefit quite as much as cash game players from the VIP program as cash game players; but the site compensates tournament and Sit & Go players with a stack of valuable promotions, guaranteed tournaments and leaderboard competitions which you can read about here.

Dealt RakeBenefit Points

So, What´s this “Dealt Rake” Method?

Dealt Rake“Dealt Rake” differs from “Contributed Rake” inasmuch as every active player seated around a cash game table is awarded points whether or not they contribute to the pot and the rake deducted from it.

So, you could be sat on the button, have a raise come your way and decide to fold. The Big Blind decides he (or she) wants to call the raise and the hand progresses as normal. When the hand is finished and the winner is paid, points are awarded to every active player seated at the table rather than only those who were involved in the hand. Here´s an example:

There are six players seated at a $0.50/$1.00 table, and the player in the Hijack seat raises to $3.50. You fold from the button, but the Big Blind makes the call (so there is now $7.50 in the pot). Following the flop, the player in the Hijack seat raises by $5.00 and the Big Blind folds. The Hijack guy collects $7.13 after the rake of $0.37 is deducted.

“Benefit Points” are awarded at the rate of 5.5 per dollar raked, so there are 2.035 “Benefit Points” shared between the six players dealt into the hand – 0.339 each. It´s not a lot, but then you didn´t pay anything to get them! Play a couple of hundred hands in an hour on three or four tables, and they will soon add up.

I think it is necessary to point out that the dealt rake method only applies to the “Benefit Points” awarded in the “Elite Benefits” VIP program. The “Award Points” used to clear the first deposit bonus at Black Chip Poker and the “Beast Points” used to calculate your position on the Beast leaderboard are awarded according to the contribution you personally make to the pot and rake.

So, in the example above, the guy in the Hijack seat would have got the same number of Benefit Points as you, but also 0.59 Award Points towards clearing his (or her) bonus and 3 Beast Points towards cashing in the Beast leaderboard competition.

Okay – Now What Can I Use These Points For?

Benefit PointsBlack Chip Poker´s “Elite Benefits” VIP program is a seven-tier rewards scheme. Your status within the rewards scheme is determined by how many “Benefit Points” you earned in the previous month – for example, to obtain the status of “Grinder” you have to earn a minimum of 3,000 Benefit Points within a month.

For the purposes of cashing in points for cash rewards, extra bonuses, tournament tickets and other goodies, “Benefit Points” are converted into “Player Points”. The benefit of being a “Grinder” is that a 2x multiplier is used to covert “Benefit Points” into “Player Points” – so instead of having 3,000 “Benefit Points”, you now have 6,000 “Player Points”

6,000 “Player Points” have a value of around $65.00 in the Black Chip Poker online store, or can be exchanged for $110.00 in tournament tickets – not bad for just sitting down a few evenings a week and playing online poker!

Bigger points earners can collect “Legendary” cashes bonuses – these start at $2,600 for 200,000 Benefit Points – while players with more modest bankrolls are rewarded with “Achievement Awards” when they reach a “Benefit Points” milestone – for example, $10.00 cash for collecting 750 “Benefit Points” within a year.

Ready to Make Some Money?

Enrollment into Black Chip Poker´s “Elite Benefits” VIP program is automatic when you create and fund your account using the Black Chip Poker bonus code “CHIPPED”. You will start earning “Benefit Points” from the very first hand of real money poker you play, and you will be surprised how quickly they accumulate.

One of the best things about the VIP program – certainly as far as new players are concerned – is that you do not have to wait until you have cleared the Black Chip Poker bonus until you start earning points towards your VIP status.

So, not only are you working towards clearing your first deposit bonus when you start playing at Black Chip Poker, you are also collecting “Benefit Points” at the same time – which you can cash in to enhance your bankroll, or save for more valuable rewards as your status improves.

If there is a better VIP program than this available anywhere on the Internet, I am yet to find it!

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