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Black Chip Poker Launches Sit n Crush Event

Posted on by George Mitchell

Black Chip Poker Sit n CrushBlack Chip Poker has launched a Sit n Go event for December called “Sit n Crush”, in which players can win prizes according to the volume of games they play.

Black Chip Poker is well-known for its progressive rake race – “The Beast” – in which players pay a premium on the rake deducted from pots at Jackpot tables which goes towards feeding the Beast – who then spews out cash prizes and tournament tickets every two weeks, based on the Jackpot Points that each player has earned. Now there is an opportunity for players who prefer Sit n Go tournaments to benefit from a similar promotion on Black Chip Poker called “Sit n Crush”.

The “Sit n Crush” promotion is similar to The Beast inasmuch as players will be awarded points according to the volume of Sit n Go games they participate in; but, unlike the progressive rake race, no premium is going to be added to the fee to play in Sit n Go games, with the cash prizes and tournament tickets being paid for out of the existing fee charged by Black Chip Poker.

How Does That Work Then?

Prior to the start of Black Chip Poker´s “Sit n Crush” promotion, if you were to play in a standard 9-max Sit n Go tournament with a buy-in of $10.00, you would be charged a fee of $1.00. Now, you will still be charged a $1.00 entry fee, however $0.25 of the fee will be allocated to the Sit n Crush promotion – 70 percent towards the cash prizes and 30 percent towards the tournament tickets to Black Chip Poker´s featured tournaments.

Players are awarded points at a rate of 5 points per dollar contributed towards the prize pool, so – for a $10.00 + $1.00 Sit n Go tournament – each player would receive 1.25 points. How many points each player has earned to date is updated in real time and a leaderboard maintained throughout the whole of the promotion (just like The Beast leaderboard).

What´s Included – What´s Not, and Bonus Points

All Sit n Go tournaments hosted on Black Chip Poker with the exception of Heads-Up Sit n Gos (HUSNGs) are included in the Sit n Crush promotion; but it should be pointed out that not all Sit n Go games charged the same level of entry fee, and points will be awarded accordingly. For example:

  • $10.00 9-Max “Standard” Sit n Gos have an entry fee of $1.00 (1.25 points)
  • $10.00 “Turbo” 9-Max Sit n Go games have an entry fee of $0.90 (1.12 points)
  • $10.00 “Double or Nothing” Sit n Gos have an entry fee of $0.70 (0.87 points)
  • $10.00 “Hyper-Turbo” 6-Max Sit n Gos have an entry fee of $.055 (0.68 points)

Players who participate in Black Chip Poker´s new “On Demand” games will be eligible to receive bonus points – double points for joining an On Demand Sit n Go when it has started, and quadruple points for “early birds” who register before the game gets underway and help it to get going.

Prizes and Payouts

The prizes will be determined by how much money is contributed to the prize pool by players entering Sit n Go games. As more players participate in the promotion, the prize pool and payout structure will expand in the same way as multi-table tournaments do (and, indeed, The Beast rake race).

One noticeable difference between The Beast and Black Chip Poker´s Sit n Crush promotion is that the Sit n Go promotion will be more suitable for lower stakes players, as more Sit n Go games run at this level than at higher stakes – particularly at off-peak times.

Black Chip Poker estimates that if December´s Sit n Crush prize pool reaches $50,000, the winner of the challenge will receive a cash bonus of $4,875, and other prizes (both cash and tournament tickets will filter down to the top 200 places.

The promotion runs initially until the 31st December, and the decision will be made when its popularity is assessed whether to keep Sit n Crush as a regular feature on Black Chip Poker.